Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Finally a Knitting Post

So I've been very busy this year with knitting. I'm averaging about 2 projects a month. My main deal is getting all my Christmas knitting done before the fall and sprinkling a few personal projects inbetween.
Right now I am pretty excited to start some baby projects. No, I am not sperminated. Thank God. I have a friend and sister-in-law who are knocked up at present. Both are due at the end of the fall. So I wanted to get the arrival and Christmas gifts for the babies done now. I am also working on a wedding present for another friend. She's doing a civil service in January and then having the big top wedding in the summer. I wanted her to have something nice for the civil service so I am making her a shawl. All these projects and lead to a fairly rare occurance in my knitting - I had to buy a couple of patterns. Usually with Ravelry there are so many free patterns that you can easily find one that fits the bill. This time I stumbled upon two patterns that were not free. The first is a Jared Flood pattern for the Tweed Baby Blanket. Sure, it's pretty simple and I probably could've come up with it on my own but damn, it's a nice pattern and it was only $5.50. I like Jared Flood's patterns and choice of colors. It's very masculine but still pretty. I know that my friend will appreciate this for her baby stuff. I also like the idea of using grey in a baby item... it's never really done and will make the item really stand out. Of course for both women laundry friendliness is a big issue so I had to break down and buy some acrylic stuff. I went with some Baby Bee from Hobby Lobby and Naturally Country.
For the wedding shawl I picked the #22 Lace Shawl from an old issue of Knit.1 magazine. Of course it's a Knit.1 that I do not own so for $8.99 I was able to order a back issue. It's very traditional but looks like a fairly simple project, just time consuming, hence the early start date. I found this soft and juicy yarn from Blue Sky Alpacas which is a mix of alpaca and silk. Ugh, it's to DIE for. I think I might just get naked and roll around in it before I start knitting, don't tell my friend.
Here are a few photos of other items I've knit up lately...

Friday, May 7, 2010

Heat Wave

Today it hit over 100 degrees in San Antonio. The morning was quite humid, even this afternoon was humid. When I got into my car to pick up my son at daycare my glasses fogged up because of the humidity. Still, at 102 it doesn't seem too bad to be outside.
Hunter and I sat out back while The Husband cooked up some dinner on the grill. We only lasted 10 minutes and then came in. It wasn't the heat that sent us packing but the mosquitos. I swear, they've drained a good 10 pounds of blood from me in the last week and I'm NEVER outside... quick little bugs.