Friday, January 30, 2009

What the Hell have I gotten myself into?

So today is my last full day at home with my mother in law in charge of Hunter. I feel I must be as elusive to those two as possible and do everything I've ever wanted to do with my little man. I finally got some sleep last night... not until 5am did that happen but I slept ok until 10am so I will claim some success. Now I am playing on the computer and just realized that I never fully engaged my Ravelry account back in the fall of 2007.
What's Ravelry? It's a social networking and personal organizational tool for rabid knitters. You post all your yarn on there, your needles, your patterns, pictures of your finished objects, your knitting blog, and so forth. It's quite addicting. Most big time knitters I know are on there. It's a great place to find new patterns and knitting co-horts.
So considering my enormous yarn stash and crazy pile of needles, books and other knitting accessories I would naturally like to make sense of it all. Of course this also appeals to the OCD freak within.
I just got back onto the site and started updating my profile. Then I went to an area known as 'Notebook'. This is where all those great organizational tools are hidden. Then it hits me - This will take all freakin' day!
So, do you think I will do it?
Does a bear shit in the woods?
I'll see you all tomorrow!

FYI - As you guessed my ID on Ravelry is SerineKat!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


I ran out of my vicodin 550s. No biggie, I thought. So I poured through my old bottles and came across some vicodin from when I had my c-section. Only it was the 750s and not the 550s. I only had three so I've been on those for the past day - holy crap that stuff is intense! I was totally stoned and talking werid stuff all day. My final pill got me to sleep 6 hours this afternoon. i don't think i will need anymore vicodin for my wrists. Right now there's still pain but nothing horrible. It's just very tight. I'm trying to keep the braces off and let my wrists be 'normal'. I still get some sharp pains when I try stupid things like lifting pots of hot water or stirring something thick.
In totally different news it finally snowed today! The base was even CLOSED! The Husband stayed home with us and shoveled snow and The Cheat was doing puppy crazies all day outside. Our home is at the top of a hill on base and all the kids were out front today sledding down the hill. Tonight it all turned into freezing rain and we have like an inch of ice on everything... so hopefully tomorrow will be another CLOSED base day.

Sunday, January 25, 2009


I let my wrists free last night. I couldn't take those darn guaze clubs anymore. I'm now wearing a band-aid on my wrists covering the incision and wearing the wrist braces that I bought at Wal-Mart ages ago. This gives my fingers more mobility and doesn't make my hands sweat as much. I'm also letting my wrists be free more often when I'm doing light work or tasks like typing or watching TV. The scar tissue is starting to build up in both wrists now. A neighbor encouraged me to start doing deep tissue massage on the wrists, which really does help. Overall I think my hands are happier today than they've been in awhile. I'm even cutting back on my medications a little.
In even more encouraging news I was able to cheat the DRY CLEAN ONLY label on my favorite bedding. My parents bought me the Anna Paisley Bedding from Anthropologie a few years back. I love it and it's $50 to dry clean. I know, disgusting. So I've only cleaned it twice. Over the past month the dog now sleeps on the bed more often and the quilt is looking like it might get up and walk out. So I had to make my move. I put it in our huge washer with like a 1/2 cup of vinegar, and 1/4 of the soap recommended for that size load. I also washed it in cold on the gentlest cycle known to man. As for the dryer I again used the delicate cycle and low heat and after 90 minutes, clean and perfect! I feel like I've cheated death! The darn quilt is like $300! I'm so cool!
No knitting yet. My hands are good but I'm not going to tempt fate just now. My mother in law is here for just one more week so I am setting up daily goals so that I can handle my 11 month old when she's gone. Right now I can pick him up in a bear hug sort of way. I can make and give him his bottles too. That's it. Tomorrow I am going to work on feeding him his solids again, Tuesday will be bath night, Wednesday we will dress him and finally on Thursday I must tackle the diaper debacale.
That's it for now. My wrists have had enough of this typing crap.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Franken Mommy

Carpal Tunnel surgery has still got me down. I was able to take off my guaze and bandage the other day. Doesn't look too bad. Lots of bruising but the incision site looks clean. I'm still on the vicodin every 6 hours, sometimes I take two. I also take ibprofren too. I'm getting lots of sharp pain today. I think it is all normal for this type of surgery. I have been pretty good about lifting things. Starting monday I no longer need to wear the guaze and bandage. This will give me a little more range of motion with everything.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Pain and Progress

I spent my day in bed recovering from my wrist surgery. It went well. I'm on some heavy drugs to deal with the pain. I can't lift anything more than 2 pounds and I can't drive for 4 weeks. I can still do plenty of other things like wipe my own butt. Typing is ok for me to do but doing anything for too long does cause some pain.
I haven't had much of a chance to spend time with my little man. I think he's just about had it with me tonight. He cries whenever I walk by. My mother in law is doing a great job watching Hunter and keeping house.
Because of my condition I was able to watch some of the ignaguration. It was all well done and quite historic. I'm too stoned to take it all in. Forgive me. It's now time for more vicodin. Happiness.