Saturday, October 11, 2008

Da Vote

I finally got a quiet moment to fill out my absentee ballot tonight. I've always been pretty goos at going out to vote, even in boring school district elections and off year elections. I know my vote is just a drop in the bucket but I feel like I'm taking my country and my rights for granted if I just ignore each election, despite the popularity of one side or another. I know some people feel overwhelmed by the choices this year. I was one of them. I've been going back and forth on a few races. Because it was such a tough choice I think it's double important to get out and vote! We need to be very sure of who we pick at the state and federal level.
Anyhow, I filled out the absentee ballot, not all the races got filled in, because I live so far from home now I only vote in the races I know something about, and that have websites. FYI candidates - get internet sites! Military people in your district need to know who you are and the web is the best place! After the Presidential race and state senate... hardly anyone had websites.
Now it is back to organizing my office and drinking water to get rid of my nasty cold. The poor baby has it too! We are in hell over here! This is one of the drawbacks to moving to a very small base, the viruses make the rounds fast. I know that every family on our block has had this cold... I think we were some of the last.
Anyhow, please get off your duff and vote. I don't care who you vote for... it's just important to get everyone's vote in - otherwise the election results will not be representative of what America wants. Even if you think you know who is going to win vote anyhow! The more you vote and become involved the more you can actually make change come about. I'm living proof with my 'skinny house' crusade a few years ago in downtown Boise, Idaho. I was vocal, I went to meetings, I networked with the neighbors, talked to media and voted! Just recently one of those developers got in trouble with the Idaho Supreme Court. So, see, eventually your hard work does pay off but it starts with a vote.

FYI - Although I currently do not endorse any specific party I put the picture up because it's funny, and most of my family would agree with it.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Back In the Saddle

Finally, our phone and DSL are working. All is well in the world, except for me. I've come down with a virus. It includes horrible headaches, sore throat and a general cotton head like existence. In addition ever since the move began I have been suffering from numbness and pain in my hands, fingers, wrists, elbows, fore arms, arms, shoulders and neck. In fact after typing this much both hands are now numb. It's that bad. I went to the doctor today and he is ordering a consult with a neurologist. He believes there's something strange going on in my neck. Of course, with the approval process through my insurance it will be up to a month before I make it to the neurologist, so I must suffer until then.
Ugh. I want to keep typing but I'm so out of it. The two Sudafed are really kicking in. Maybe I can sleep now...

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Communication Meltdown

When you live 45 minutes from civilization and have NO CELL PHONE SERVICE, things get hairy.
It's been a over a week without a phone or decent internet service. I'm starting to develop a tick. Verizon is in charge of our internet service and they failed to show up for two days in a row, now it's Monday or Tuesday or Never. Of course I can't call and chew them out because I have no phone. We're doing that Vonage thing. Ugh.
So I'm getting a little lonely up here. It's totally my fault. The neighbors are very nice and people are always out and walking around here. I'm just busy unpacking and getting everything in it's place. I do have a deal planned for Monday. I'm going to help decorate the local baby/kid thrift store with the Spouses Group President, Jen. As for the rest of the week I have lots to do online like change our address on all our accounts, make phone calls to get about 4 doctor appointments made, and book a flight for our dog to come out here. Grrrr.... Verizon better be here Monday.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Home Base

We are done with the bulk of the move. Our old place in Harrisonburg is cleared out and cleaned. We've turned in our keys. I probably have about 50 to 60% of the unpacking done. Now I'm starting to miss the old place. I'm not saying that it sucks here or there are any issues... infact it's perfect. Still, you miss what's been your norm. We really had some great neighbors in Harrisonburg. We were also so close to fast food, grocery stores and other marks of civilization. Here we have deer in the front yard and a small commissary.
Hunter and Olivia seem happy with the new digs. Olivia spent the first 48 hours running from room to room with her tail straight up and wiggling. She was so excited. she loves the big windows, the view of the park and walk ways and the newness of everything. Hunter was so happy to get his crib back up and is sleeping very well now. I am enjoying the nice walks, views of mountains & deer, and the ability to decorate again and again.
Today we will get the 'good' internet up and going. Right now we have a spotty wireless network. I will blog more soon and update the Flickr site with photos.