Saturday, November 29, 2008

Surviving Motherhood

How the heck did our mothers do it? For than matter how did our grandmothers and great grandmothers do it? Raising kids is insane. It's like being caught in a warzone of cuddly creatures. They are so cute and loveable but never let you sleep, eat, pee or shower. If it weren't for my Diet Pepsi addiction I would be dead. I need the caffine to keep me awake.
Today dear Hunter was sitting in our living room, which is all corralled for his safety. He likes to crawl around and get into toys. I was in the kitchen, out of sight trying to wash his 12 bottles that somehow got forgotten yesterday. It was pretty quiet then I hear a little smack. I assumed it was Hunter hitting one of his toys on the wood floor, a new past time. I go in to investigate and our floor lamp is laying on the floor next to Hunter and he is pulling the on/off cord and smiling. Nice.
Then after a couple of hours I'm sitting in the corral with him watching TV and eating brunch. I have a full can of Diet Pepsi or as we call here 'Crack' on the table next to my chair. CRASH! Hunter pulls on the table cloth and soda is everywhere!
I'm exhausted.
I've noticed today that he's also trying to stand up by climbing furniture and legs. He's almost figured it out too... I predict walking by Friday. God help me.

Side Bar १.०: Big Kitties

So my mother goes out and buys me a Cat Fancy magazine the other day. This month's issue is all about the Norwegian Forest cat. My mother's gay cat Ozzie looks just like one of these things.
Anyhow, that's not the kicker here. While looking through the magazine I come across this picture:

My first thought is, "What the HELL!?"
They are real cats called Savannahs. I show The Husband and he is hooked. "Oh we have GOT to get one of those things!" I tell him I'm sure the cost is over a $1000 but he keeps pressuring me so we look up the link online...
To get the highest quality cat for breeding purposes the cost is a mere $22,000 USD, 14,000 GBP and 154,300 NKr. I know, crazy. Still, the pictures are pretty amazing.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Black Friday

The sales this year suck. It might have something to do with the products sucking as well. I didn't get up at the crack of dawn but I did get into Harrisonburg at 10am on Friday morning.
Walmart was my first stop, the parking lot was not full but the hitching posts for the Mennonite horse and buggies were all taken. Inside the deals were many but all one items I'd rather pass on or things I already had. I did find deals still available on Thanksgiving food staples like stuffing and baking supplies.
I then had to take a time out, due to disappointment and get some lunch. I hit the local hotspot - Taste of India. Yummy. After several servings of masala, paneer and other strange things I was ready to take on Black Friday shopping.
So I drove up the road to Target. Boring. It was packed but again, boring. No big sales on Christmas decorations, no sales on kid toys that I was interested in. Blah.
Kmart was next and again, it was disappointing. I will say that they did have a decent mark down on the Martha Stewart Christmas stuff that i took advantage of.
Finally I thought that Kohl's would be a sure bet. The mark downs were great but the line to check out was an hour long. I think not.
My decision for shopping this year is to take to the internet. After all that driving I think I only spent $200 not counting groceries. It just wasn't worth the hassle. I compared prices at Amazon to those at all the stores I shopped at today and there was little to no savings. So, tomorrow it's off to my office and to Amazon to get these gifts bought and done.
I'm pooped now. I must get some sleep!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Too Much TV

We are a family of couch potatoes. I admit I watch way too much TV. It's always on. Because our viewing is continuous you could say that we've developed some strong relationships with some of our favorite personalities.
Wow, or shall I say Shamwow. This guy is annoying but somehow makes me want to dial them up and order those dumb towels. The Husband and I are now always quoting Vince.
"You know the Germans make great stuff."
"You following me camera guy?"
Out of pure boredom yesterday I Googled our buddy Vince and found that he's quite popular on the internet.

Oh Flo, you are so loved. Our son is totally in love with the lady who plays 'Flo' on the Progressive insurance commercials. He stops what ever he is doing and stares at the TV when ever the commercials come on. He smiles very big when Flo is on screen. She's his first big crush.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Bringing Sexy Back

Not. This week has been an exercise in growing old gracefully. First, I finally found out about what was wrong with my wrists then I got a yeast skin infection. Trust me that's all the information you want to know about the latter. Luckily I have an appointment with my doctor next week to resolve the infection and get me more drugs (DRUGS!). I still don't have a consult with the surgeon who will do my wrist surgeries.
Other than my aging body I am gearing up for the holidays. The Husband is planning to host his single co-workers at our house on Thanksgiving. Since we've never cooked a Thanksgiving dinner before this ought to be memorable. This week I will gather all the necessary ingredients. I'm also hoping to get my hands on a free range turkey.

Speaking of turkey - Hunter finally ate a meat he liked tonight - turkey! I had to mix it with apricots but he ate it all. We got three solid meals down him today... which is hard to do with our schedules and laziness. Hunter just eats them up now within 10 to 15 minutes.
We still haven't decided on Christmas cards yet... gotta get on top of that. We also still have masses of Christmas shopping to do. Thank god for the internet!
That's it for now.... remember to keep wearing your WRIST STRONG BRACELETS!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Blue Jays & Overcast Days

We've got some colorful neighbors here in West Virginia. I first noticed them a few weeks back but today they are going crazy nuts in the bushes behind my house. Olivia Kitty is very excited by their presence. They are Blue Jays. They're very pretty but look like trouble makers. I watch them as I work in my office. Olivia has a little bed on my desk where she too spies on the birdies and salivates.
After weeks of temperatures in the 70s we are finally deep into fall weather here. It's 40 something and overcast. It's one of those days best spent in bed. Unfortunately I can't do that. I have Mr. Man to take care of. Speaking of Hunter he is getting his first tooth. It's coming in on his bottom left side. He's been pretty fussy the past few days - doesn't want to sleep and is never satisfied. I've tried doping him with Tylenol but he stays awake. Even Olivia is concerned about him. After an hour of screaming yesterday she came in my room and meowed until I picked him up. She thinks the cry out method is too cruel and too annoying. The Cheat can sleep through anything.
I'm on a mission today and tomorrow to get our house and routine back to normal. The Husband's father was in town over the weekend and we all got a little off. Unfortunately I'm still not on task myself. I wanted to do a cleaning spree this morning but really didn't get far at all. Hunter is down for a nap and I might join him. Hopefully this afternoon I'll get some motivation and energy to get going.
Ok, I'm too tired to type anymore... must go take my meds and lay down.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Wrist Strong

Like Stephen Colbert I now realize the importance of the wrist. It's a nifty little joint that when working is like a ballerina, so swift, graceful and talented. When something goes wrong with the wrist life loses it's gracefulness and beauty.
i have struggled with my wrists for about a year now. It became noticeable during my pregnancy and then raged last month. I had numbness and pain. The numbness consumed my hands and the pain shot up through my elbows and into my shoulders.
I finally saw the neurologist today and the diagnosis was confirmed - carpal tunnel in both wrists. The condition is common in my family and isn't totally surprising. For many years now I've been typing up a storm on computers, doing downward dog during yoga and knitting. All these activities have slowly become more taxing on my wrists and hands. I knew in college that I was on the road to this condition... I'm just surprised that it happened at 29!
I'm now waiting to see a surgeon about a proceedure for both wrists. I'm also going to buy myself a WRIST STRONG bracelet. We must protect our wrists!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Progress Halted?

For those who know the details of my daily life then you will understand what this post is in reference to. After months of work a project I was a part of was permanently stopped today. To say the least it was a totally bummer.
Now, after a little chit chat and a couple hours of digestion I feel totally deflated. It's tough when you put a lot of your time, talents and heart into something only to see another just say 'no'. I understand the justification behind the no, still the way in which it was done was tough on the soul. I'm not alone in this. I served next to others who also worked to bring this project to light. They too are upset this evening and in a state of shock and disappointment. For those folks I hear ya, let's remain positive and back the new direction of this endeavour. It may take a week or two to get back on our feet and reconnect with the new team but I still believe this project is needed in this place and at this time.
I'm going to go hit my head against a wall...