Thursday, May 14, 2009

Reality's a B*tch

I've been a big fan of the show 'Jon and Kate Plus 8' which airs on TLC. The idea of two parents with two sets of multiples was too tempting NOT to watch. At first I really liked the family and loved to watch how they coped. Now it's like nails on a chalkboard. Over the past season the love is no longer there between Jon and Kate and the heart of the show is just dead. Many articles and websites are now talking about how the kids are being used to make money and so forth.
While I think the idea of making kids work to pay for your life is wrong I don't see a legal issue with watching the Gosselin kids grow up - that's if it's done right and everyone agrees it's ok. While for awhile it seemed like the family and show were doing fine living side by side that is no longer the story.
The media now reports that Jon is having and affair and then Kate is having one too. Kate is doing all sorts of promotion for a new book while Jon hides out at their home. This isn't a family I'd like to know and/or watch. I don't care how cute those kids are - this drama is going to make them crazy in no time flat. What really kills me is that Jon, on the show, has been trying back away from the series and asked for a break. Kate flat out denied Jon, on the show, that luxury. What the heck? Why would anyone want to air their dirty laundry in public? Granted that is the new trend but these two seemed so normal and non-celebrity... until recently when Kate started the last season all decked out in Ann Taylor and high heel boots to check out puppies on a farm.
I'm now joining in the increasing chorus of viewers who think TLC needs to pull the plug on this one. They are promoting a new season but at the same time media outlets are reporting that two are about to divorce. This is just one instance where I think the parents and media have gone too far - stop doing the show - stop airing the show and give these kids some stability and privacy. Also, get Kate to therapy - the woman is off her rocker to pressure everyone to continue and to keep doing a book tour in the middle this. Are you serious Kate?! Your marriage is on the rocks and you leave your 8 kids to go on a book tour?!

As a sidebar: I can say that one thing this show has done is improve my relationship with my husband. Seeing how rude and disrespectful Kate is to her husband on the show really opened my eyes. She rarely praises him and constantly interrupts him. The poor guy doesn't stand a chance when she's in the room. That's no way to treat someone you love. She yells at him on camera and always on him for this or that. Really, Kate?! Come on, he's an adult now girl, let him figure it out!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I'm a Nerd

Over the past week or so I've really upped my knitting game. Various reasons are behind it: Too much yarn, gifting and now better time management. I've also been using all the tools offered on Ravelry to organize and plan all my projects. It's a blessing and a curse. I'm getting lots of help by looking at all the other finished objects of patterns I plan to use. I can see what worked and what sucked, as well as what yarn looks best. I'm really starting to put a dent in my cotton yarn since I've started making dish cloths and I'm starting to dig into the rest of my yarn too. One pattern has got me in a bind though. It calls to knit up the garment with two threads of fingering weight held together. Well, I don't have that much fingering weight but I have plenty of 6 or 8 ply which is double one thread of fingering. So what's the difference? I have no clue. I've posted my question on Ravelry and will soon find out. If there's no big problem then I see my stash of yarn sinking lower... if I have to get the fingering weight I might try another pattern.
The weather is getting better but still remains fairly cloudy most of the day. The dog is spending more time out and the cat is perched next the window all day. What a bunch of babies.
Off to knit some more - little man just went down for a nap!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


That's it! This rainy weather has finally gotten me into a hole. My bloodsugars are crap and my attitude is worse. My poor son is spending some quality time in his crib this afternoon while I try to sugar detox. In addition we have another insane down pour outside. Poor kid is just talking in his crib right now. Ugh...

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

When it Rains...

I should really think about building an Ark... except the storm is already here. It's been raining in West Virginia for about a week... right now it's down pouring and has been most of the day. Miserable. Bleh.
Today was Hunter's day at the sitter's. He did great again. Didn't nap much but went straight to bed when we got home. I had to make his bed (washed it today) and while I was working on that he would walk around his room then lay down on the rug and pretend to sleep. I think that was his way of being subtle.
I've gotten the Mother's Day cards and a gifts ready. I really need to think ahead on this stuff. Tonight I think I'll sit down and map out my summer and gift plans. I really want to go all knitting for the rest of the year when it comes to gifts. Honestly I have way to much yarn and little money in the bank. I'm finding that my ADD is causing some interruptions in this plan. For the past week I get so far in a project, like 75% and then quit and can't pick it up for several days. I have two current projects on the needles that just sat there for three days. I finally got one finished this afternoon and am thinking about finishing the other right after I blog.
That's it for now, sorry I have nothing more interesting to add. Blame it on the rain.