Wednesday, September 23, 2009


I'm still just 'chugging' along here in Boise. My knitting hit an all time high over the past few weeks. I've taken about 20 hours off, finally. I know, I'm such a rebel. Starting up again tonight making a quick project and then onto the infamous Fish Hats. Here are a few items that I've knit up:

Felted Yoda Hat: Still felting it but it's all knitted up. It's for Hunter for Halloween. We've found instructions on sewing up a Jedi Robe online. This should prove too cute to handle. Pattern can be found on Ravelry, if you are a member (come on, it's FREE people!).

The Crazy Drops Hat: I've knit this up for two people. One is for a teen and the other is for a small kid. The photo if from the kid one. Unfortunately I didn't have my cat to model it. Bummer.

Market Bag: Another great gift knit. Only took my 2.5 days. Really nice. I am in love the cotton I used. It's recycled cotton from remnents. I love the idea of recycled fibers! The color and yarn worked great for this project. Mercanized cotton would also be great or hemp.

Pantas: Yeah, sounds weird but they are cool. They're just knitted headbands. Really neat design. They can be knitted in different widths. I've been knitted a few and tried several different widths to find the right one for me and my friends. I've done four of these this month. Takes a day to do.

So those are the finished projects... Here's what's on the agenda:

Fish Hats:

Qiviut Neck Muff:

I've got a million more where those came from. Let's just day those two projects at two a piece will keep me busy until mid-October. Wish me luck.

Oh, and on a totally different note I am now on a diet. I'm doing SlimFast. I was told my my diabetes nutrionist that it's the same as MediFast only cheaper. So far it's a struggle. I'm not phsycially hungry but emotionally. They have me down to 1500 calories a day. I'm two days in and it's tough. I've found sucking on a hard candy now and then helps satisfy my sweet tooth. More on the diet once I'm fully engaged for awhile. For now I will keep myself busy with knitting.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Under the Gun

What is it about procrastination that makes us really efficent in the end? You'd think most people would just give up and plan to start early again next time... no, not me. I was going to start my Christmas knitting over the summer but as life would have it I never did. Now I am 'under the gun' to get everything done. I have project charts on my computer about how to accomplish this on time. I knit a minimum of 4 hours a day but an average of 6. My butt hurts like hell from sitting all day indian style and knitting. So now I am experimenting with different sitting and knitting positions and chairs.
I think my sudden productivity has to do with living with my parents. I have nothing better to really do around here. Also after my summer incident I need some feel good accomplishments and knitting does that for me. Still, each week I am surprised to see my progress and that I'm still sticking to it. In three weeks I had one day of NO KNITTING. That's crazy! I've never worked this hard for this long. As of this posting I have about 10 projects done, 3 on the needles, and 25 left to do.
In addition to living with my parents as a help... I have to thank Ravelry too. That site keeps me on track and gives me great ideas for all my projects. I'm so into that I run the computer to update each projects several times a day. I'm such a nerd. Sorry.
I've had a few friends ask about my progress with the infamous appeal. It's just sitting right now. I'm obviously avoiding the emotional baggage attached to it. Today while my mother is away I will attack it full on for a few hours. I'm still probably a month or two away from actually talking to a lawyer. Anyhow, I need to get back to knitting... only another hour then it's on to the appeal crap.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Losing It

Was it Freudian or not? Probably was. I've been working on this scarf for my husband for two years. I know, I kept going all ADD on it and forgetting to work or finish it. Well, for the Labor day weekend I spent hours getting 25 inches done on the scarf. I was finally closing in on the last 15 inches when I lost it. Yeah, LOST IT. I took it to a doctor's appointment and forgot it. Luckily today they found it and I can go pick it up. Still, I might wait until tomorrow. I know, ADD strikes again!
Right now I'm working on a panta... it's a cool looking headband that lots of knitters have been knitting. This one is for a friend as a Thank You gift. So far it's been less than 24 hours and I'm half done. I needed a short project to work on after that beast of a scarf.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Idaho Falls

The Husband's family currently lives in Idaho Falls. The time has come to give them a visit this weekend. It's about a four hour drive from Boise. Most of the drive is high desert. We will only be there for a couple days.
As for stuff going on back here in Boise I am keeping busy with doctor appointments and knitting. Yeah, you heard it, I'm still knitting up a storm! I have several Christmas gifts done and more in varying levels of completion. I feel really empowered by this progress. It's hard for me to stick with things for too long. These knitting projects are all things that were supposed to be done a year or two ago. When ever I do stick with projects it's a good sign that my stress level is down and that I'm in a good place emotionally.
On a different note my appeal (don't worry I haven't talked about this before and I am not comfortable giving details of this on my blog so just hang in there) is lagging. Going back to and time lining all that happened to me is just so emotionally draining. For most of this week I'm been practicing avoidance when it comes to this project. I know I need to stand up for myself and quit being a victim. This might me one opportunity to really represent my inner victim and find some justice. Despite this I think I'm trying to sabatoge myself by delaying my work on this appeal. Ugh. I plan to get off my ass next week and on Thursday lock myself in a library somewhere and get my timeline done and more research. That's all I have to say about that.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The Advanced Trainning of Young Bart

My parents new black lab, Bart is quite the handful. My mother and father have both fallen ill with what we suspect is H1N1. So our Bart is finding himself lonely and bored. This isolation leads to spells of chewing destruction in the back yarn and barking fits at all hours. We've tried everything except spending time with him. I know, dumb. So here I am tonight, spending time with Bart. Pray for us.

Oh, and FYI... this is what Bart did to my knitting the other day... yes, PRAY FOR US.