Thursday, September 25, 2008

Boxes & Stairs

The two should never be mixed together... especially with a landing. I've been moving all The Husband's office boxes down to the dinning room in some sort of fung shui moving plan I've conjured up. It's sort of working. I want all boxes and furniture on the first floor for moving day for several reasons:
1. So we can lessen the damage of others banging up our 2nd floor and staircase.
2. So I can clean, patch and paint the 2nd floor to lessen my work on Monday.
3. I'm controlling.
4. My ritalin is really taking me on a ride this week!
So there you have it. So far I've got most of two rooms down stairs along with the living, dinning and some of the kitchen stuff. Alright, enough with my break. I need more Diet Pepsi and another 3 boxes to get down stairs!


Do I Like?

I'm sitting here tweaking this website. In some ways it's not much different from what I had before. The format is lame, though. I miss my pretty colors. I guess until I get proficient in HTML code I will just have to deal with my blogger template. Wah.
Today we are working on packing up the closet and bedroom. By we I mean me and the baby. Olivia is napping. I'm hoping to have the offices cleared of boxes and furniture by this evening. I also want to go to the grocery store at some point to get my precious crack (see previous post).
Oh boy... little man is screaming... must be time for a nap!


Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Packing Up Day 746

The packing continues. Just a few more days then it's MOVING DAY! My poor body and mind have had it though. Like a moron I gave up Diet Pepsi and all forms of soda a week ago. Dumb time to do this. Now I am plagued with headaches and laziness. I can't focus on anything! I have finally given in and will be at a soda asile near you tomorrow morning. In addition to reunited with my addiction of choice I will also be taking the day off of packing to go up to base and meet with the Spouses group and check out the progress on our new house. They've been doing a remodel on it since August and I'm guessing it should be almost done.
That's all for now. I really miss posting on my old mac site but it is still being a pain in the a*&. I am still trying to bring this site up to speed and working on the layout a few hours each week. Hopefully I can have it up and going by Halloween.


Thursday, September 18, 2008

Deconstructing Your Life

So I am taking apart our house again to move onto the base my husband currently works at. This is only temporary because we will be moving again in a year or so. The more I move the more a life without possessions sounds more ideal and less hippy-ish. I mean, honestly, when the hell am I going to go through all the crap I have? I have already gotten rid of half my junk between England and Virginia... still I am sure more can go. It's quite liberating to toss out stuff and get down to the essentials. My husband and I are trying to combine our offices into one at our new house... it seemed doable at first, then I took a long look at all the combined boxes for both offices... YIKES!
Anyhow, just a bit overwhelmed here... I will peek out again from the boxes soon!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Version 3.0

Ok, what the heck am I doing with yet ANOTHER blog?! There are several reasons for the change.
1. Hosting my website on Mac costs $150 to $200 a year. Yeah, ouch! It wasn't an issue before because we were traveling and it was a good format to use....
2. But now the support sucks at Mac and the bugs in iWeb are just too much.
3. Also, the biggest reason I quit posting to Blogger in the first place was the inability to share photos in mass quantities... that was fixed a year ago when I opened a Flickr account for $25 a year.
So there you have it. I am paid up for the year with Mac but over the fall I will slowly start running both sites parallel and make the big change in 2009.
Thanks for your patience as always!