Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Spring Fling

It's close to 70 degrees here in the mountains of West Virginia. I know, we are truely spoiled. Our doors and windows are all open and the dog, baby and I have gone for walks for three days in a row now. The nice weather is giving me energy to get more done... but that's not always a good thing. Today I've done 5 loads of laundry, vaccumed the first floor of the house, and various other home activities. In the middle of all this I fell over a child gate and stopped my fall with hands, taking the brunt of the impact on my wrists. I know, great job! Ugh. Now I am great pain and still wanting to get more done. I think I need to rope myself in a go lie down with the evil kitty cat.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

New Video

Yes, it is about time! I have finally downloaded and uploaded my new videos of Hunter onto my YouTube account. I also have some new photos up on Flickr. Enjoy!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Stuffing the Stash

As a knitter I suffer from a well known affliction: Stash Building. Like a quilter or a scrapbooker I get obsessed with collecting tools of the trade without really having room or a project to apply them too. It's pure gluttony. As of now I am trying to enter in all my yarn on Ravelry. I have 48 skeins listed, and probably about 50 or so more to enter. Looking at much of it I see that 30% is about 2 years old, 50% is a year old and the remaining 20% is fairly new. Obviously I have a problem.
Now that my wrists are starting to heal I am pledging to use up what I have. I'd like to get my stash down by 50% this year. This is a bold statement. Can I really do it?
I look at this challenge like weight loss. I've failed so many times before but it's truely necessary for my sanity to get knitting again and to use what I have and quit carrying dead weight from house to house. So what's the key to accomplishing my goals here? I'm not quite sure. I think I need to be sane about my goals but push myself each week to recommit whether or not I need it. It's so easy to let motherhood and household work get in the way of my hobbies and health... I understand that if I'm not healthy and have an outlet then my family will suffer.
Ok, so this rant is turning from yarn into weight loss... sorry. I didn't want to talk about my struggle with weight with anyone this year - my plan was just to hit the ground running and be accountable to only myself. I've lost weight before and did it without any external discussion. That was the only time I was successful. No talk, just action. I think that's how I work best. If I want something I just do it. This is now being applied to my knitting and my weight. Wish me luck. I hope to end the year healthier, happier and with less yarn.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Getting It Together

Today was a snow day for the base. The Husband stayed home all day. Nice. I got to sleep a lot. I think I'm coming down with mad cow or something. Last night I developed a sexy case of pink eye. After looking around online I determined through self diagnosis that I had a case of viral and/or allergic pink eye, so there was nothing to do but wait it out. This morning is disappeared, so whatever.
Tonight I am more active and am in the office cleaning through all the piles on the desk. I am all done for now, I just have some deep cleaning in the drawers which I will save for another day. It always feels so good to get my office desk cleared. Ahhhh.
Today I got like $20 worth of coupons in the mail! All that joining and signing up on websites paid off. I have $12 of Iams coupons for Petco. The great news is that they are good through June. I also got some great Gerber coupons. Finally I got my order from The Coupon Clippers. All in all it was a super day.
I doubt if The Husband gets the day off tomorrow. Although the snow is still here the roads are clear. My appointment to get the stitches removed from my wrists was rescheduled for tomorrow.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Groundhog Day

I don't know if this counts as more or less winter as of today. But here's what's happening in West Virginia this afternoon - SNOW. We're getting so much so quickly that my husband was being told not to leave work until it was safe to drive home - he's like 2 minutes down the road. Crazy. I think we have about 1-2 inches right now. I don't see any chance of it slowing down or stopping soon. It's kindof nice considering how warm it's been here. FYI - the photo was taken from my desk in the office.
Late Addition: The Husband got home a little while ago. He was inside for like 30 minutes when he looked out and noticed that his truck had slide backwards down the driveway and into the street... about 5 feet from another hill that goes down and ends at the playground. Damn snow!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

All Alone

My mother in law has flown the coup back to potato land. Today was my first day alone in two weeks. I got about 6 hours of good cleaning and baby wrangling in before me and wrists were fried. Granted, I pushed pretty hard on the cleaning but I just wanted some stuff done. Tonight The Husband and I went to a co-worker's house for the Super Bowl.
I realized this afternoon I've been reluctant to go to his work functions for a long while. At first it was because of the baby or my diabetes. True, these things do take their toll but to keep me from going to like 80% of the social functions we are invited to is just silly. In truth I admit I've been a recluse. I have varied reasons and none justifiable. I almost put the kilbosh on tonight's affair and sent my husband and son without me, but I finally realized that I was not doing myself, husband or family any good by staying home. Sure I need rest but I also need to socialize more. Since getting married and moving like nomads I've really lacked local friends. Tonight was a total success. Sure I was hurting but I finally just dumped the baby on my husband with the other men in the TV room and went with the ladies to play games in the back. It was nice to talk to them and laugh and it was good to support my husband and his interests (beer and football).
I vow to be more social in the future.