Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Where Have All The Bloggers Gone?

Seems that 2010 has ushered in a new season of bloggless living. Most blogs I follow are very scarce with posts this year. I assume it is because most of my blogging buddies are now busy moms. Others are entering into new changes in their lives. Still I wonder if this is a sign of a bigger drop in internet blogging in general. Every movement must peak and then wane. MySpace was all the rage a few years back but is now considered the Maury Povich of social networking while Facebook is now on top... which I predict it will pop sometime very very soon. What will the next tech venture be? Is Twitter still growing? I don't know I never got into that one.
Back Yard
Anyhow, kids and family are what keep me busy. That and a house. We are currently trying to spruce up our yard. The previous owners left it to die in the dry summers over the past two years. There's nothing left for grass. We've even lost a few large bushes to the drought. Now we have a yard full of weeds, dead bushes and Texas oaks that need trimming. For just the basic overhaul it's $2000. I know, I obviously need to be a landscaper. The good news is that we just figured out our taxes and are getting some money back... lots of money. That First Time Homebuyers Credit never felt so good. After paying off a few things we should have the money to do the project with a few upgrades but still... damn that's a lot of money!
Our Crap Lawn
As for my knitting and the Ravelry Olympics I did fairly well. I finished 4 cowls out of the 7. Some took more time and concentration than I had. Right now I am working on a project that my parent's dog tried to eat just before Christmas. I have brought it back from the knitting dead and have been able to salvage just enough yarn to finish it off. Damn that Bart! I am also still working on the Beep Beep Blanket for Hunter. He just turned two yesterday. Crazy how in two years they can be so grown up. He's talking up a storm and saying different phrases. He runs like the wind and finally learned to hop with both feet in the air. This week he started to live life pacifier free and he's also working on his second week in a big boy bed with no side rail! Next month I swear the man will be driving. Out next big task is potty training. Like any good nerd I refuse to start in on the process until I've read a book on the subject. So this might not start until the summer.
The painting of the house continues, although depending on what is left over from the refund we might just break and hire out the rest of the job. I can only do so much painting before I go crazy. We really only need someone to do the hall/staircase and the guest bathroom. Everything else is fine or can wait.
Ugh. That's it for now... just wanted to check in and let you all know that we are here just busy living life. I promise to check in again soon.


Daisy said...

For me, anyway, it's just that there's so much going on at the moment! I want to blog, but there just isn't time!
Love the look of your yard! Good luck with it.

Have Puppets, Will Travel said...

Looks like spring is happening there.
I have a those yellow spring flowers coming up, the ones spell check won't approve.
Got my puppet classes started. Disappointingly small, but a start. Too many ways to move out. I'm trying them all. Is your knitting on line? I should look!
Parenting seems to be affecting all my friends that have new kids. Funny I just got to a place I could relate to single and they all go family on me. I'm out of sink. I was updating my blog when I found this. I need to get my new pictures on there. I've lost both my battery chargers for my camera moving my office from one room to another so I'm afriad to use my camera for fear of running the battery down. Technology is not as simple as it would like one to believe. I still think of you often. especially around the computer.
Been reading "Three Cups of Tea" . Highly recommend it, Hope you're more settled. It takes years. Love, LeeAnn

Lois E. Lane said...

I am one of the blogging delinquents. My goal is to at the very least get back into reading them!

Tarps said...

Cant balance time for work and blogging at the same