Thursday, February 11, 2010

Walking in a Spiderweb... Leave a Message and I'll Call You Back

Long time, no post. The Husband was away for two weeks and during that time Hunter got sick and I painted the trim of our first floor. It was grueling. But I just have the kitchen, office and the 1/2 bath to do and then I can take my painting supplies upstairs. We got a quote on some of the left over painting projects in the house and the bill came to $1200. We just can't afford that right now and would rather put that money to other items or projects. So I am taking on the remainder of the painting and slowly plugging along for the next month or so until the weather changes and I can move on to re-landscaping our yard. Never a dull moment as a homeowner.
Starting Friday night - February 12th are the Winter Olympics. On my favorite social knitting site - Ravelry - they are doing the Ravelry Olympics. They have events similar to the winter olympics but with a fiber twist. I've submitted myself into seven categories... here are the categories and patterns:

Free Dance
Burberry Inspired Cowl

Holiday Jump-Start Skiing
Victorian Neck Cozy

Lace Luge
Vent d'est Vent d'ouest

Scarf Super G
Good Luck Cowl

Single Skein Speed Skate
Abstract Leave Cowl

State Complusory Dance
Wavy Fathers Wimple

WIPs - Dancing
Peruvian Cat Scarf

So as you can see I will be busy trying to get these all done between the 12th and 28th. It's insanity!

Finally I have decided to look into going back to school to get my graduate degree in Accounting. The university here in San Antonio has a good program. I need to take the GMat and GRE to apply. I'm going to start a prep course for the GRE in teh next week that will last most of the spring semester. Wish me luck with all this crap. If I complain that I'm bored just refer me back to this post!

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Daisy said...

How did the Olympics go? And the painting? Our painting is nearly done now - hoping to move in in a fortnight's time!