Saturday, January 2, 2010

Home Sweet Home and My New Obsession

It's been a busy holiday season for us. Starting Monday everything goes onto the New Year Schedule. Hunter will start daycare three days a week, The Husband goes back to work full time and I get into a regular routine with the home. I need a regular routine. It's just my nature to work better until a daily plan and schedule. I'm so looking forward to Monday for this reason.
I finally took some photos of the house today. No it's not all picked up but you get the idea. We still have some painting, unpacking and general organizing to do but for the most part the living room, dinning, kitchen, my office, the master bedroom and Hunter's room are all done. Today I plan on doing some picking up and more organizing in my office.
It has been declared that today is Sara day and I can do and go where I please. So I went to The Container Store again. That place is like a shot of really good liquor. OCDer's: run to The Container Store! I've also taken photos of that lovely place so go to Flickr and enjoy. For the rest of the day I am just going to shuffle around the house. I am just a real home body. I like my house and frankly if I'm paying that much on my mortgage I better be enjoying it!